Hello. We are Bee Hosted.

Bee Hosted is a web hosting blog offering various tips on choosing the right hosting for your website, making the most of your hosting account, optimizing your website for your web servers, and any other web hosting-related tips.   Bee Hosted also publishes need-to-know hosting news and updates, including special hosting offers for readers.

Who is the owner? Who are the writers?

The owner of Bee Hosted is a seasoned online entrepreneur, who has launched hundreds of websites and dealt with dozens of web hosting, ranging from shared hosting to pure-cloud hosting.  He will write occasionally; his experience is at your disposal.

The writers of Bee Hosted are all experienced in tech, including in everything related to website building, management, and everything else related to the front-end topics (e.g. web design, layout, etc.) and back-end topics (e.g. web hosting, web development, etc.)

Why “Bee Hosted”?

We want to help you to “be hosted” properly – hence the word “bee” which sounds like “be” to make it more catchy and brandable.