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Free Small Business Web Hosting: A Bad Idea?

A website is a platform where any business will be able to give an impression about their business to the customers. You need your website to stand out from the remaining websites of the same domain at least so that it will get easily noticed by the surfer.

Your website should be accessible to your customers any time of the day and hence you need the help of web hosting services to provide a good interface, appropriate tools and uninterrupted access to the site.  Unfortunately, quality comes at a price.

Or does it? Enter free web hosting.

There are free web hosting services as well as paid web hosting available to small businesses. You should know the difference between the two to understand which one you should use.

Free web hosting – how does it work?

This is a non-paid service for your web hosting needs and you will be able to host the site without any extra cost. But, there are many hidden problems you may face by opting for this service.

These free hosting services will not be able to provide adequate storage space or bandwidth according to the contents of the website. The free web services make money by placing advertisements on your website without your permission and hence you cannot control what the visitors of your site will be able to see.

Though small businesses with budget restrictions may use these web services, they cannot give the results you are expecting by using your website. Hence, it is better to avoid these free web hosting services if you can afford the paid services.

Greater down time

As the free web services offer only limited bandwidth and storage space, the data storage and data transfer ability is very poor and the website will take more time to upload. You will not be able to add images and videos to your website when you use the free web hosting service. Moreover, these free hosting services are more prone to greater downtime due to lack of disk space.

Any affordable web hosting package will be able to provide all the necessary features at a very nominal rate. You will also be able to use email service and advertise your business when you opt for paid services. You will have a website which can be controlled according to your will by paying a small amount.

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Free web hosting is not truly economical

Many people opt for free web hosting service thinking that they will be saving money. But, they are actually going to lose money in the long run if they are planning to expand their website.

By opting for free hosting service you are actually damaging your cool domain name and web design. Your website will be lacking professional appearance and you will meet problems when you want to move your site to paid hosting when the business gets bigger. Your website will lose all the incoming links from other sites.

So instead of using the free web hosting at the starting of your small business invest in a paid web hosting company. You will find the service worth every penny you have spent. You don’t feel any regrets about hiring the service when you can find the best web hosting services for your web presence.

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