Green cloud hosting

Green Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

The emerging trends of cloud computing is actually good for the environment. Kicked off by green hosting, cloud hosting joins forces by offering energy-efficient hosting for businesses. Today, some of the best hosting providers are both green and cloud-based.

The difference between green hosting and cloud hosting

Of course, not all green hosting is cloud hosting, and vice versa.

Green hosting is green in many ways, mainly by buying energy certificates to offset carbon footprints, replacing coal-powered electricity source with wind or solar energy, and such some even take the eco-friendly initiatives by implementing green office (via paperless office and energy efficient office building, for example) and one I know even plant a tree for each sign-up.

In the other hand, cloud hosting is green because its technology is energy efficient: Virtualization allows resources to be accessed on demand and as needed; data delivered to website visitors via the nearest data center, reducing data transmission overheads; and so on. A survey reports that small businesses adopting the cloud reduce energy consumption and carbon emission by 90 percent, while big companies can do so by 30 percent; promising, indeed.

Nowadays, the boundary is blurred; there are green hosting provider offering cloud hosting; there are also cloud hosting powered by green energy. This is great news you can do more for the environment by hosting your websites with a web hosting provider that is both green and cloud-based.

Which web hosting is both green and cloud-based?

One of such web hosting provider I know is GlowHost, offering green cloud hosting for clients with small and larger sites. For the best WordPress hosting that is both cloud-based and green, try RackSpace.

If you are looking for more alternatives, you can always look for such information from our web hosting review page. Be sure to read the reviews and testimonials first, then the ratings, as what customers think is all that matters, beyond features and such, in my opinion.

Some words of advice

Please be aware that cloud-based technology, as in cloud hosting, is still not mature, yet so expect hiccups to happen occasionally I even host some of my sites on a cloud hosting that now has been divested so, be well-informed when making any decisions regarding web hosting services to choose.

I suggest you to find discount or cheap web hosting providers to allow you test everything out before going full-force with the larger plan, such as VPS or dedicated hosting.

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