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Unlimited Hosting Plan: Should I Really Consider it?

You might have come across many websites offering unlimited web hosting options whenever you are looking for a good web hosting company. This makes you wonder as to whether the claims made by the web hosting service by offering unlimited hosting is true or not.

The word ‘unlimited’ is quite a catchy world and is used by many of the web hosting services to grab the attention of prospective customers. The unlimited web hosting plan means that you do not have any restrictions on the amount of bandwidth that you use and also on the storage options.

Once you make payment for the unlimited web hosting package, you have the freedom to use unlimited bandwidth and storage space without any restrictions and you will not need to pay any single penny extra than the amount for the unlimited plan.

Is an unlimited hosting plan a good option?

It is important to take into account a few of the factors before you plan to choose the unlimited web hosting plan for your website. You should consider the current traffic that your website is getting and the type of content that is on offer to the users on your website. The future plans of the website and what you are going to do in order to improve the presence of the website should also be given a second thought before you think of choosing an unlimited hosting plan.

The unlimited plan is offered at a price higher than the normal limited plans and hence must be opted by websites that need lots of storage space and bandwidth. Knowing the business website and its contents like the files on offer, the number of visitors on an average and the RAM used will help in making you understand and choose the right hosting plans to meet your business needs.

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Features to look for

If you have plenty of videos to show to your visitors or have a lot of data to reveal through your website, then opting for a web host that offers unlimited hosting plans is a viable option. This way your website can be viewed by others without any glitches and it will be always on the web.

The features that you should always check when opting for unlimited hosting plans are:

  • Guaranteed uptime of 99% and more.
  • No restrictions on bandwidth and hence you can offer any content on your website to unlimited number of users.
  • 24×7 technical support offered through email, phone or live chat.
  • Must provide access to a number of MySQL database.
  • They must offer you multiple FTP accounts so that every member of your team can upload files on the websites at any time.
  • Email accounts must be offered to increase connectivity.


The quality of services offered by the leading web hosting services will ensure that your website is always up on the web. The unlimited hosting plan options are a good option for websites that has a large amount of customers, inflow and outflow of traffic and offers videos, music and high-end web applications.

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